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Mar 7, 2009
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I decided to post something on here since it was so horribly empty. As I was meandering around GBAtemp, I noticed that there were some people (really I only noticed one person, but that isn't the point) had these strange badge images (the little medal thing with a star) underneath their member thing. That got me wondering if I had one. Surprisingly enough, I learned that I had three of them, but I have no idea what they are representing...I think its just the number of posts that people have, but somehow I haven't seen people with only two badge things. I see people with none, one, three, five, and other colored badges though...
Maybe I should look around GBAtemp for the answer xD, but meh it doesn't bother me anyways.

Since I'm posting, I might as well post the story of how I "defeated the evil monkey lord within the ninth dimension in under 10 minutes while de-fragging my hard drive".

It all started maybe a couple months ago. My hard drive was in need of a serious defragging and so as annoying as it was, I opened up and started the defragger program. Having a Windows computer (a Vista Home Premium at that), the estimated time said 638 hours and 25 minutes, but of course, that was just Windows' way of fucking with me. The time was 10:48 PM on September 28.
While decidedly staring at my screen, the luminous flat screen shined back at me, slowly burning my retinas as I worked on my silly little GBAtemp antics, I failed to notice the black speck widening on my black DS. It wasn't until I had heard deep grunting noises that I realized that something was out of order within my room. Slowly turning to face the noise, I saw it. A long, thick, hairy arm was reaching out at me from the strange portal. I could only stare as the portal continued to widen and the beast within tried to pull itself out. I still had my wits about me and I realized that it wasn't some random beast that was being released, but an invert colored Donkey Kong, or rather Negative Kong as I had come to name him. Unable to move from my spot, I could only watch as the gigantic hands took me in its grasp and pulled me into the wormhole.
As I was carried through the wormhole, the travel between dimension caused strange effects to my poor human body. At times I felt the temperature shift from hot to cold, my arms and limbs grow and shrink disproportionately, and feel the incredible sensation of a worm in the dirt. Eventually I noticed that each feeling came in waves and I decided to associate each wave to represent a different dimension. In total, I passed through roughly nine of these waves, bringing me to the ninth dimension. Strikingly enough, what surrounded Negative Kong and I was not the room that we had just left, but rather a large clearing in the midst of a jungle. What happened next occurred so rapidly that I am not quite certain of the exact details. One moment, I was caught in the beast's clutches, the next I was leaning against a tree, an unfamiliar face gazing upon me.
This person, or rather, this strange mushroom shaped person explained the general situation. As it turned out, Negative Kong had stubbed his toe on a boulder and thus I was flung across the clearing like a ragdoll while Kong nursed his injured toe. I probably would have been taken again, as I was unconscious, but luckily this very mushroom person, Nyam something (as I was unable to pronounce this part) dragged my ragged body over rocks, dirt, mud, leaves, and bugs to hide me in a large tree (which I later realized to be Nyam's house). Awakening from my blissfully painless unconsciousness, my body decided to give me a big PAINFUL reminder that I was still attached to it. After a couple hours of sore sitting, I finally could divert a little of my attention to my surroundings.
It was a cozy little tree, a little table and chair for one, a small bed, and a little niche that seemed to be a kitchen. There were small windows placed sporadically around, most likely where there were tree knots, and warmed the little house with a soft orange sunlight. Nyam introduced herself to me (I tried to hide my surprise, as I had no idea she was female) and of course I returned the favor. I spent the rest of the day chatting in her company and it could be taken as nothing more than a delight. The sky quickly became dark and although I tried to refuse, I was forced to stay for the night, mostly due to my aching body.
Unfortunately, it was during this time that Nyam asked me to help her..."propagate" the next morning as it was her time of the season. I instantly refused, not wanting to take any part in the creation of a mutant human mushroom. At this she looked at me strangely for a moment, and then laughed. Bewildered, I could do nothing, but rest and hopefully space myself away from this strange mushroom.
The next morning, however; I was woken up by her and was asked to help her with something, although wouldn't go into detail. Wanting to repay my debt at least, I agreed to help her. For the better part of the morning, the two of us trudged around the forest, Nyam leading the way the entire time. Eventually, we reached the clearing that I had originally wormed my way into the ninth dimension from and stopped in front of a massive tree. Strangely enough, Nyam requested me to assist her in the climbing of this frightfully high tree and as I already agreed, I couldn't back out now. In all actuality, the tree wasn't very hard to climb and we got fairly high in a short amount of time. It was there she thanked me for my help and sat down in a niche. It was there I saw a once in a lifetime scene where Nyam the mushroom planted herself. Thanking me once again, I started to make my way back down when something black in the middle of the clearing caught my eye. As I couldn't tell what it was from the height, I quickly descended and took a closer look at the object.
The object was my black DS, clean and in perfect shape since the last time I saw it, before the portal had opened up. Just then, a dark shadow cast over the clearing. Looking up, I saw Negative Kong back again, and he was about to land where I was. Quickly, I jumped out of the way before the heavy thump, accidentally dropping my DS in the process. That was the end of my DS. I heard the sickening shatter of my wonderful DS that had served me so well for these past few years. It was then I snapped. Negative Kong or not, I was going to beat the crap out of that stupid monkey. Strangely enough, although I couldn't recall the entire fight, small excerpts floated in my memories, tearing off chunks of hair, jabbing at his eyes, using a large stick as a make-shift bat.
The humming of the computer brought me back, Windows still fucking with me estimating 257 hours and 46 minutes. Looking around my room, it seemed that everything was normal, although I couldn't find my DS (I must have misplaced it somewhere). The time was 10:57 PM on September 28, and under my bed was a large stick, a stick that could serve as a make-shift bat.

xD this story turned out to be a lot longer than I originally planned.


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Apr 4, 2006
jurassicplayer said:
I noticed that there were some people had these strange badge images (the little medal thing with a star) underneath their member thing.

It's called a Prince Albert

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