Backup loader & Game resetting problem

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    Jan 2, 2009

    I've searched the forum and saw similar question posted before but haven't been answered..
    Sorry to post again..

    I play with a combination of original retail games, backup disc, and backup on usb drives.

    I've been having issues with the game 'Reset' function after you press the home button - it doesn't work.
    Instead of resetting the software, the wii reboots, (disc drive blue light flashes, return to health warning screen).

    The exact situation is that, when i play:
    Original retail games - All resets *fine* like they are supposed to. Regardless of the game region. The software simply resets. [​IMG]
    Backup discs - Most games would have the above mentioned problem. Only very few would reset normally.
    Backup usb drive - Same as discs. Most games would have problem. Very few would reset normally..

    I also find that:
    - The same games that would reset normally with backup discs would reset normally as well with USB loader
    - When I backup the retail games using configurable usbloader, and then burn the image to discs or play via usb, they will also always reset normally.

    Does anyone experience the same thing? or know of any solution or have any insights on this at all?
    Ideally If I could get all games to reset normally that would be great...but I suppose it's not the end of the world if this can't be fixed..

    I'm guessing it doesn't have to do with whether the game is played as backup - since all games I backed up personally resets just fine, regardless of region.
    I'm thinking it might have something to do with how the game is ripped? or whether wiiscrubber has been used?

    Thanks so much