Backup loader error NEED HELP!

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    Hello! I am new here [​IMG]

    I actually had a problem maybe one of you guys could help me out with! Here is the scenario...

    My little brother updated my wii to 4.2u whilst trying to play a backup of greenday rockband... well, now my wii wont even load the backup channel anymoar :G So what i did was use wad manager to uninstall my ios249 wad because i have learned that it was something called a STUB, so i figured it was pretty useless. Now, my neogamma backup channel loads again =D but when i try to play ANY backup i have, i get an error message stating that i need a cIOS. I know what that is, so here is the part i need help with. I currently have cIOSX rev20b installer, and ive tried that. I get an error message at the very end of the installation (2011) and nothing happens. my backups still wont work!

    my problem is that my backup channel wont load with the ios249.wad, and then, the channel loads but games wont play when i uninstall the ios249.wad.

    Can somebody PLEASE HELP ME???

    Greatly Appreciated! =D

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    the installer needs a bug in the system to be able to install the cIOS on the IOS249 slot, for this read the guide stickied on the Wii Hacking section, so you can be able to softmod again your Wii, and smack you lil' bro for me, or teach him how to use your Wii...!! [​IMG]