Backing up / restoring an image of my N3DS entire microSD

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    I have spent dozens of hours adding and removing CIAs to my N3DS's internal microSD card and I was just thinking about how catastrophic a hardware failure or corruption of the microSD card would be. I'd lose all my saves as well as my emuNAND that I meticulously setup. I even hear from time to time of people who are running stock everything who legitimately purchased every game installed having their internal SD card corrupt and ruining all their saves.

    So I was wondering what the best way of going about backing up imaging the entire microSD to a single file which I can restore to any microSD of my choosing would be. I also want to know what the best way of restoring this single image file to another microSD card would be. Finally, I would also like to upgrade from the 64GB card that I'm currently using to a 128GB card at some point - I'd hope that I could just take the image file that I backup and restore it to the 128GB card and have it operate as usual but have the extra space available for use.

    What software would I use to achieve this? What steps do I need to take to use that software to achieve my goals?
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    If you have a windows computer use: win32diskimager to make an image of your SD if you like to restore to the same size SD.
    or just Copy the whole content to your PC and copy back to a new bigger capacity SD and then make an image of the new SD.
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    Are you using windows? if so i use win32diskimager.

    use the read function and save your sd card image as backup.img you can then restore the back up using the write function! the back up will take an image of the sd card so if you have emunand it will be included.

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    A full image isn't necessary. Use EmuNand Tool to make an image of your emuNand partition, and store the files in the FAT32 partition somewhere on your hard drive. You can then set up emuNand on your new card in the future to set up the partitions, then use EmuNand Tool to write the image to the emuNand partition, and copy the files onto the FAT32 partition, and all will be well.

    If you do decide to keep an image of the entire card, bear in mind that writing the image to a larger card will cause it to only be partitioned for the original card's size. You can use partition managers to expand the partition, but it's an extra step that you might not be aware of.