Back to the scene but a bit confused regarding the DSTWO

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    I just got a 4.5.0-10U 3DS for Xmas and am in the market for a reliable flash card. DSTWO is looking like my #1 option but I'm a bit confused about whether or not it will support 3DS roms. From searching the forums, I've got a flaky answer at best that, since it's 4.x, it will but I was hoping someone could give me a bit more specific advice. Thanks!
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    The DSTwo will not support 3DS ROMs. You're gonna want to get a 3DS compatible flashcart for that. All of the current flash carts that play 3DS games are in this thread:
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    If you're in any way interested in 3DS ROM's, your options are the Gateway 3DS, the R4i Deluxe 3DS and the upcoming MT-Card.
    • The Gateway is the most expensive, the most supported and the "real deal", it's going to support Multirom with the upcoming firmware update
    • The R4i Deluxe is a literal Gateway Copycat to the point of using the same firmware with some text changed
    • The MT-Card is a yet unreleased alternative with a slightly different build and hardware-based Multirom support (it has a switch on the case to change ROM's)
    All three, to my knowlege, come in the form of 2-card kits - one card is a DS Mode-specific card capable of installing the exploit as well as playing DS ROM's, the other is specifically for 3DS ROM's.

    Keep your 3DS on 4.5 FW, going beyond that point will cause you to lose the capacity to use any 3DS Mode cards irreversibly unless you have a NAND backup to roll back to and solder up a NAND flashing kit. You can use later firmwares only after getting a kit and installing the exploit and only with the use of NAND emulation which allows you to load the firmware from the SD card - both the Gateway and the R4i Deluxe kits support this functionality already. It is important that you follow the installation guide carefuly as to not update the console's NAND by mistake.

    The DS Two is a standard DS Mode flashcart enhanced with an external CPU, it's the leading solution in DS Mode homebrew but it will not support 3DS ROM's.

    If you have any other questions, shoot! :)
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