Back to Bryyo from Elysia, energy spike?

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    Just beat the hunter on Elysia and got my new blaster.
    I'm back on Bryyo looking for something (obviously on of those rock statues) to climb the wall back on Elysia. I get the alert about there being some repitlian activity energy spike to go investigate on Bryyo and I can't for the life of me figure it out...

    I've been going into every room scanning and exploring. I see two orange doors that I can now open, but both are out of reach... I'm at a loss here. I never look up walkthroughs and I hate asking for help, but I'm sure I'm overlooking something really easy.

    Tips please?
  2. Jake-A-Roonie

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    The energy spike is in Bryyo Fire region, so head there. Remember the morph ball tunnel where you had to let some bugs crawl on you and inflate so you could float upward to get to the next area? Head there and do the inflating-bugs thing. When you come out of the tunnel, instead of heading to the next area, look to your right and you'll see tons of ice. Melt it with the plasma beam and it takes you to a rather easy puzzle with a wall, a golem, and a battering ram. Hmm. [​IMG] Solve that, and you'll find your energy spike.