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  1. Seba098

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    Dec 23, 2018
    Hello community I create this thread in order to report account bans when receiving pokemon cloned or edited by third parties in Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu For Nintendo Switch, I comment, I have a nintendo switch unmodified with the game Pokemon Let's Go Eevee , a couple of weeks ago I received a pokemon from someone who gave them away and apparently had many copies of it as he said, I was without problems on the console these weeks ... and today when I try to exchange pokemon I see that this message comes out, the console only use it and the only way they could ban me is to breach the terms of the contract as the message clearly says is to receive that pirate pokemon, I report this so that they have more care with the pokemon that receive distrust if the person gives or has many copies of some pokemon, I would appreciate if you report in this thread future bans if they happen, I send a greeting!

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    Can I ask why you posted this lie. When did you even take this picture
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    No hablas,
  4. Axido

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    Wow, anyone who can read basic spanish is able to tell that said message does NOT contain any single word about pirated Pokémon.

    It's pretty much "This account cannot be used, because it didn't comply with the Nintendo account terms of service." Nothing else.
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  5. Zonark

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    It says the user has been disabled basically this is the common banned message but in Spanish however I believe this user to be posting the to attempt to cause panic amongst the users here says nothing about Pokémon
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    Yup just a bunch of bullshit here.
  7. Sm0k3r83
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    Dec 24, 2018
  8. AmandaRose

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    What's that smell it certainly smells like something I just can't think what? Hmmmmmmmmmmm yes that's definitely the smell of BULL SHIT.
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  9. CrisFTW

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    I never saw such a pointless thread... (post removed by admins)

    Jokes aside... this is fake. Just want attention.

    Plus you just joined today and made this post. Nice one
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  10. eskinner3742

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    I've seen many people trading modded pokemon since the game released and have not heard a single report of people getting banned because of it. I think it's very possible bans could come from modding Pokemon, but I have not seen bans yet.

    Iirc with the 3ds if you try to trade an illegal pokemon (for example a Charizard that knows ice punch) , it simply will not let you trade that pokemon, but does not ban your account for it. However if the pokemon is "legit enough" it won't be flagged and you can trade it... Again, I have not seen modded pokemon causing bans on the switch or 3ds.

    I don't think they have, doesn't mean that they couldn't.
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