Axe Cop: The Animated Series

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    Yeah, it's getting it's own show. This is news to me.

    Source: AV Club

    Here's the first comic if you've somehow managed to miss them:

    Well, this will certainly be an... interesting experiment. I just hope they keep the kid around to write the series.
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    Yes, this absolutely needed an animated series. It's by far the greatest piece of literature since Shakespeare.

    EDIT: But it's getting done by Fox which seems really like a really missed opportunity. Fox hasn't really done well with animated shows since the Simpsons, which went severely downhill. I feel like they'll get a whole writing staff of adults who will fuck up the script compared to a 5 year old kid.

    Now if Adult Swim or Comedy Central did this, I might be game. But the series was just created for fun by the kid, I don't think a show would work by forcing some poor kid to pump out stories, especially when his stories are only spanning a few minutes.

    So yeah, love the concept of an Axe Cop show, but odds are it'll be a really bad adaptation and defeat a lot of the humor in the original.

    God I'm going way to deep for fucking Axe Cop.