Autostarting usbloader_cfg from Priiloader won't load config file

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    Dec 19, 2016
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    At the moment I am using configurable USB loader, in combination with emulated nand.
    For this I have created a config file "config.txt" in the loader's folder and added the line:
    This is working fine, for normal use.

    Then I wanted usbloader_cfg to start automatically on each boot.
    Now when I install the configurable usb loader as boot file in Priiloader, it will start ok - but it seems like it's ignoring the config.txt file, so the nandpath is set to default (usb:/nand).

    What could I do about this?
    Is there a special bootfile for usbloader_cfg anyhwere, or an option I could set?
    Thank you!

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