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Aug 9, 2019
United States
Audio on Wii and GameCube homebrew has been a problem for too long. The only libraries currently available are buggy, inconsistent, or just old. Working with AESND and LWP threads directly can be an absolute pain.

So I decided to make my own: https://github.com/HTV04/audiogc

AudiOGC supports FLAC, MP3, (Ogg) Vorbis, and WAV files (more types may be supported in the future), and has a consistent and featureful C++ API for all types. It's easy to use and integrate into homebrew projects of any kind. It even uses efficient libraries, making it faster and more lightweight.

It also requires no external dependencies other than libogc-mod (including AESND). The other libraries AudiOGC uses are header-only and thus built-in to AudiOGC's binaries.

Check out the audio demo! There are actually two, one for the Wii and one for the GameCube. The Wii demo allows you to replace the included audio files, so you can test your own.

Enjoy, Wii/GC homebrew devs!

P.S. Dolphin requires LLE audio for homebrew, keep that in mind if you develop/use homebrew with it! The recompiler seems to work fine with AESND/AudiOGC.
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