Gaming ATTN: UK gamers looking for Modern Warfare 2


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Nov 19, 2008
Coventry, UK
I'm not entirely sure where a topic lie this goes, here seems as good a place as any but if it needs moving, tell me where. I assume all this is pretty well known already but I've not seen a topic along these lines so I'm just giving you the heads up.

UK gamers, I hear a whisper on the underground grapevine that you can pick up the new COD Modern Warfare 2 in Sainsbury's for a mere £26. Someone on Gamefaqs posted a receipt with the game on it, clearly stating they paid £26 for it. It might be a piss-take, there's no Sainsbury's within 20 miles of me so I can't confirm it myself. I just thought I'd bring it to everyone's attention just in case it's genuine. £26 for MW2 is a steal, surely? Now all I need is to find A) a Sainsbury's, and B) £26. Presently I have neither...

Incidentally, don't bother checking out CEX if you're after MW2. They have it in some of their stores, notably in London, but it'll set you back 65 quid. I assume that will plummet after the midnight launch tonight, but even so.

Also, anyone who's been playing this on a flashed 360, be warned that there's supposed to be some sort of reset at midnight tonight whereupon all pirate-linked accounts are to be either reset or banned. Doesn't seem to be the same for PS3 gamers for some reason.
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