Attention:r4ids gold v2 has nothing to do with r4ids gold team

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    Attention:r4ids gold V2.0 has nothing to do with r4ids gold team.
    The picture of genuine r4ids gold is listed below:

    The latest kernel of genuine r4ids gold is V1.36 which you can download from
    With this kernel,Pokemon White & black are supported.

    A declaration from r4ids gold team:
    To all r4ids gold users,first of all,thank you for choosing r4ids gold.
    Because the web site administrator stole the password of the web server and changed the content of the official web site(,we have put latest kernel on our new official web site "".The package of r4ids gold has never been changed and the r4ids gold team will keep updating the kernel to support games released recently.
    All flashcarts with r4ids gold logo ,which can not support the latest version kernel of r4ids gold,are fake ones.
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    I'm quite sure that nobody here is really interested in another "R4 Gold Team" statement. [​IMG]

    So the team split up and everybody accuses everybody to be "a fake".

    Actually your card has never been anything else than a fake.