Atomix ver 0.99

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    Atomix ver 0.99

    Performance tweaks

    Developer GuyDuke has released yet another update to Atomix, which happens to be a port of a PC puzzle game of the same name.


    You mainly use the style to choose the best suiteable atom for every puzzle, you can also cycle through them using the cross pad. The is enjoyable and entertaining & should keep you busy for a hours.


    • The Display of the screen "Quit&Save" by pressing "start" touch while gaming.
    • Adding save game information in 'atomix.sav' file (not only highscores)
    • Delete a saved game by pressing "Y" in loadgame menu.
    • New graphic version of the atoms.
    • Display molecule solution in the right place (not too on left or right)
    • new level 12 and 24. (all 30 levels are available.)
    • Finish graphic block of all levels.
    • optimized code for graphical display
    • Display more information on which touch to press in game or menu.
    • some minor changes
    [​IMG] Atomix ver 0.99

    [​IMG] Homepage

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