Atmosphère version 1.3.2 released; brings improved support for Switch firmware 14.0.0+


The 66th version for the popular Nintendo Switch custom firmware Atmosphère has been released. Version 1.3.2 brings improved support for Switch firmware 14.0.0+ as well as some minor fixes.

You can find the full changelog for Atmosphère 1.3.2 below:

  • Support was improved for 14.0.0+.
    • loader was updated to reflect the latest official behaviors.
    • ro was updated to reflect the latest official behaviors.
  • A number of minor issues were fixed and improvements were made, including:
    • A memory leak was fixed in filesystem path management; this could cause a crash when launching games ~100 times, or when deleting/re-downloading games.
    • A bug was fixed that could cause threads to not see a newly signaled semaphore.
    • A number of minor inaccuracies were fixed in the updated FileSystem APIs.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.

You can head to the GitHub source link below for more details about this new release as well as get access to a download link.

:download: Atmosphère 1.3.2 GitHub release page


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Jun 10, 2011
I need to figure out how to get on Atmosphere now that SXOS is finished. I imaging it's some huge daunting task that could brick my Switch if I do anything even slightly wrong, so I've been putting it off.


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Jul 17, 2014
Nintendo works for my dad
I need to figure out how to get on Atmosphere now that SXOS is finished. I imaging it's some huge daunting task that could brick my Switch if I do anything even slightly wrong, so I've been putting it off.
litterally one post above yours is a link to a guide on how to switch from SXOS to atmosphere.
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Apr 5, 2011
Currently still on 13.0.0 newer games like switch sports still work so not in a hurry here.

Imo it's always better to wait it out until either some games don't work on older firmware or if they are a few atmosphere versions in on a new main numbered ofw.
Some updates need 14+ fws😭
Got toove these fw updates that say system stability and improvements (official fw btw),

yet the tablet clone fails to run games smoothly, even nintendonts very own basic games run like shit.

Yes they have done fuck all since its launch to improve the over rated motion tech demo aka breath of the wild.

And nintendont again go and prove that they suck arse when it comes to open world games aka pokemon.

Boring open world with randomly placed pokemon which you are forced to catch the same pokemon multiple times for no fucking reason but to update the shit pokedex.

Then when your pokemon inventory is full you have to go find that dude who can let you release pokemon.

And as you progress and introduce to more pokemon types.........

God it gets very boring and repetitive.

And that is all their is to the game, open world and run aimlessly doing the same shit over and over again.

The game itself has very poor optimisation, even when emulated on high end systems such as my gaming laptop, the game will still run the same.

Very poor texture details where the "bump map"texture" just look purple, because nintendont can't be arsed.

And hey presto, they shat this crap out and already planned a new pokemon game based on the same formula.

Hello nintendont, we shit out shit games that are boring and recycle our same old formula and our fanboys and girls buy into our shit.

It proves how pathetic nintendont are when it comes to games, when their own leading game shows poor textures with its purple bump map.

The switch is a pathetic gaming console with cheap hardware to run basic games at low spec.

Devs are able to try polish their games when "porting" over from last gen, but when it comes to their new AAA titles, they either dumb it right down or dont bother at all.

Welcome to nintendonts repetitive promise of better third party support.

Its very own tablet clone can't even run its own games, so nevermind trying to run todays games that evolve.

Nintendont games are either the same old boring recycled generic 4d side scoller game or it is a boring open world rpg with shit buggy textures and nothing to do but the same shit x25+.

And rather than fix breath of the dogs arse, the aka motion tech demo, we sit and wait for its next release, that is mean to actually provide levels, rather than repetitive motion control mini games to test the switch table clones motion control ability......

Have fun trying to do this game on a switch lite, when a fair few of its recycled shrine puzzles run and perform like shit with its inferior shit motion controls.

And even if you have a high end gaming system to "emulate" switch games, it sill suffers from the same old problem, that its own first party games run just as shit as its fkrs on its intended hardware.

New pokemon game showing the bump map textures, everything looking purple.......

Itz fucking shit and the entire world are buzzing over this crap.

There is no QA testing anymore with nintendont, it used to have a seal of approval to make gamers feel secure that its very own games have been fully tested to provide the best gaming experience.

Notice how that has fucked off and so has the same quality assurance......

Even when it comes to their own boring games or recycled last gen ports.
Buddy, you really needed to get that out your chest!
Does this fix the crash every time I try to transfer something over USB?
The Atmosphère update?


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May 28, 2015
United States
Still no reason to update, been nothing worth playing lately..... well for a long time and those were the usual old console ports.

My switch, like every other nintendo console ends up collecting dust.

Main use it had was making codes but now there is nothing even worth downloading for free.

Not going to bother with Alan wake demaster
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