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    A new Atmosphere update has just arrived thanks to the work of SciresM, elmiroac, naehwert, and more, bringing about new features and notable support for users on 6.2.0 firmware. Changes were made to the fatal system module, offering helpful information like crash reports and debugging info. A few things were also added to give more protection to the system's NAND, including preventing processes from writing to an important part, the keyblob region, and making a few partitions read-only. A full update changelog is available below.

    0.8.0 is Atmosphère's seventh official release.

    fusee-primary was last updated in: 0.7.0.

    The following was changed since the last release:

    • A custom fatal system module was added.
      • This re-implements and extends Nintendo's fatal module, with the following features:
        • Atmosphère's fatal does not create error reports.
        • Atmosphère's fatal draws a custom error screen, showing registers and a backtrace.
        • Atmosphère's fatal attempts to gather debugging info for all crashes, and not just ones that include info.
        • Atmosphère's fatal will attempt saving reports to the SD, if a crash report was not generated by creport.
    • Title flag handling was changed to prevent folder clutter.
      • Instead of living in atmosphere/titles/<tid>/%s.flag, flags are now located in atmosphere/titles/<tid>/flags/%s.flag
        • The old format will continue to be supported for some time, but is deprecated.
      • Flags can now be applied to HBL by placing them at atmosphere/flags/hbl_%s.flag.
    • Changes were made to the mitm API, greatly improving caller semantics.
      • sm now informs mitm services of a new session's process id, enabling custom handling based on title id/process id.
    • smhax is no longer enabled, because it is no longer needed and breaks significant functionality.
      • Users with updated HBL/homebrew should see no observable differences due to this change.
    • Functionality was added implementing basic protections for NAND from userland homebrew:
      • BOOT0 now has write protection for the BCT public key and keyblob regions.
        • The ns sysmodule is no longer allowed to write the BCT public keys; all other processes can.
          • This should prevent system updates from removing AutoRCM.
        • No processes should be allowed to write to the keyblob region.
      • By default, BIS partitions other than BOOT0 are now read-only, and CAL0 is neither readable nor writable.
        • Adding a bis_write flag for a title will allow it to write to BIS.
        • Adding a cal_read flag for a title will allow it to read CAL0.
      • An automatic backup is now made of CAL0 on boot.
        • fs.mitm maintains a file handle to this backup, so userland software cannot read it.
      • To facilitate this, fs.mitm now mitms all sessions for non-system modules; content overriding has been made separate from service interception.
      • Please note: these protections are basic, and sufficiently malicious homebrew can defeat them.
        • Please be careful to only run homebrew software from sources that you trust.
    • Support was added for system version 6.2.0; our thanks to @motezazer for his invaluable help.
      • By default, new keys will automatically be derived without user input.
      • Support is also present for loading new keys from atmosphere/prod.keys or atmosphere/dev.keys
    • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.

    :download: Source: GitHub
    :discuss: Discussion Thread
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    I wonder if installer apps can check for those flagged privileges during install and warn the users... hmm...

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