Atmosphere CFW reaches milestone of version 1.0.0, pre-release version now available for download


The calendar might not say that it's June 15th, but it certainly is in the hearts of Atmosphere users, as SciresM has released a new version of the CFW for the Nintendo Switch. After years of hard work, this fifty-fourth version marks a milestone for the project, as it's the long-awaited release of v1.0.0. The team behind Atmosphere have made a number of important changes for this landmark moment, including rewriting the entirety of Fusee in C++ to match the rest of Atmosphere's code, leading to noticeable speed boosts. In addition, a lot of filenames have been tweaked, custom splash screen parsing support has been removed in favor of allowing users to use a different, faster method, and other improvements have been made across the board.

As of right now, Atmosphere 1.0.0 is in pre-release form, meaning that while everything should work correctly, the team is awaiting any bug reports. Should no major issues be found, v1.0.0 will make its official release on September 9th.

If you're interested in downloading this new release, you can grab it from the Atmosphere GitHub, linked below.

:download: Download Page
:arrow: Atmosphere Discussion Thread

Please be sure to update fusee when upgrading to 1.0.0. fusee-primary no longer exists, and will not work any more.

Please note: Atmosphère 1.0.0 is currently in pre-release.

  • If any bugs are reported while Atmosphère is in pre-release, they will be fixed and the build will be updated.
  • Barring exceptional circumstance, 1.0.0 will transition to release on September 9th, or after a short amount of time has passed without pressing bug reports afterwards.
With thanks to the @switchbrew team, Atmosphère 1.0.0 is bundled with hbl 2.4.1, and hbmenu 3.4.1.

The following was changed since the last release:

  • fusee was completely re-written in C++ to use the same atmosphere-libs APIs as the rest of atmosphere's code.
    • The rewrite was performed with a big emphasis on ensuring a good boot speed, and generally boot should be much faster than it was previously.
      • Depending on SD card/environment, boot speed may now be slightly faster than, roughly the same as, or slightly slower than when booting with hekate.
      • The obvious low-hanging fruit for performance improvements has been picked, so hopefully the improved performance is to everybody's liking.
    • SD card compatibility was improved: fusee should now have SD card compatibility identical to the official OS driver.
    • Please Note: various components were renamed (fusee-primary.bin -> fusee.bin, fusee-secondary.bin -> package3).
      • If you use another bootloader (like hekate), you may need to update your configuration to use the new layout.
    • Please Note: BCT.ini no longer exists, nogc configuration has been moved to /atmosphere/config/stratosphere.ini.
      • If you rely on custom nogc configuration, please be sure to update accordingly.
    • Custom splash screen BMP parsing is no longer supported (as it slows down boot for 99% of users).
      • To compensate for this, a script to insert a custom splash screen into a package3 binary has been added to the utilities folder of the atmosphere repository.
      • The release build should be equivalent to running the following command from the root of the atmosphere repository: python utilities/ img/splash.png fusee/package3
  • A number of pending changes were made, following the end of the relevant testing periods:
    • mesosphere is no longer opt-out, and stratosphere code will begin depending on its being present/in use.
    • NCM is no longer opt-out.
    • The cleanup to ease the transition from < 0.19.0 to 0.19.0 has been removed.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.
For information on the featureset supported by 1.0, please see the official release notes.

hippy dave

Apr 30, 2012
United Kingdom
Do sigpatches work
Updated ones that just came out should.

--------------------- MERGED ---------------------------

From GitHub:
Note: The 1.0.0 pre-release builds were updated on 2021/09/07 at 4:45 AM PST to fix a bug that caused prodinfo blanking settings for sysmmc to be applied incorrectly (emummc worked fine).
Update if you need to.
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Edson Arantes do Nascimento
Aug 19, 2009
São Paulo
Such a great achievement! I have a moded 2018 switch booting straight to Atmosphere, and now I want badly a modchip for my lite.

I just miss a certain "store" I used to get my games from straight from homescreen. It went offline for good :(


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Dec 30, 2015
Very good.
Thank Scires.
Neste step IF possible is an System Update to Atmosphere without need to remove SD on Switch.
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