Athena's ASS hack for MH4U Hacked Jewels.

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    I don't know if that belongs in here, but it's still an hack in a way and ASS is an utility so, I guess somebody might find that useful like me, so I'll explain.

    The Explanation:

    First of all as I hacked the relic Jewels on MH4U so I got them all unlocked to be used like the normal ones I wanted to add them on Athena's ASS too, the cfg files are in plaintext but in Japanese.

    I tried to Google translate it but it's not so clear, like this:
    became this:

    The format is clear but the content is not, but I'm pretty sure someone who speaks Japanese can do this in few minutes.

    Now, I wasn't able to do that, but if anybody is willing to help it's just a matter of adding a few lines of text properly formatted, let's say 6-7 main relic jewels, something like that:

    True Honed Jwl2, 2slots, Edgemaster+4
    UltimateHonedJwl3, 3slots, Edgemaster+5

    But, I found a workaround, and I'll explain this too.

    The Workaround:

    Instead of adding the jewels, I changed mycharms.txt and the charm generation .csv for the limits.

    Example, If I got a +6 Fastcharge OOO charm, I just add 0,FastCharge,6,Brutality,5, 0,FastCharge,6,Edgemaster,5 and so on, but since most of the relics charms are limited to 1,4 to slot 2, you have to change the generation .csv by simply change all the 1,4 to 1,9 for example, so if you already have a 3,FastCharge,6,Brutality,2 already, you can just add a 0,FastCharge,6,Brutality,7.

    A little bit unpractical but it works perfectly.

    Adding them on the decorations.txt would it be optimal obv, so any help from someone who speaks Japanese is still appreciated.

    P.S.: Funny Easter egg about ASS, if you try to add the charms without changing the .csv's you can't, but if you add them on the .txt manually and restart ASS without changing the .csv's you'll get a "CHEATER" pop up and the charm will be deleted from the list. :)

    EDIT: I forgot to mention, you have to edit your mygear.txt too and add whatever skills you want, mine is just:

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    Jan 24, 2015
    Can't help with editing the ASS in Japanese but I gotta ask, how'd you get the jewels, via Powersave?
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    It's actually easier to change them all to 14,14.
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    May 3, 2015
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    changing the mycharms.txt or every charm .csv?