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    NES Homebrew Video DEMO

    bigjt_2 has released a gameplay DEMO for his NES shooter titled Assimilate. Follow the project on the developers blog, linked below.

    [​IMG] NESDev Post
    [​IMG] Project Blog
    [​IMG] Source
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    I like the visuals a lot, they remind me of some of the great classics while still feeling new.
    The music seems amazing, though a bit repetitive going by the video.

    From the demo, I have to say that if this was released back in the NES's heyday, it would have been an instant classic.
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    Hey everyone. Thanks to all who showed an interest when this thread was posted a year ago, and definite thanks to Another World for posting it! For those still interested, the game is about to be released.

    You can view the release promo here.

    The full details of the release are here.

    The carts will be sold on my blog and preordering will begin next Thursday. Right now the tiime is slated for 10:00pm EST, but that may change. The carts will ship out on or around March 17th, 2012. Also, I will eventually be releasing a mostly full ROM for free. The only thing the ROM will be lacking from the carts is one unlockable bonus stage and slightly different credits. Otherwise the whole game will be there and freely downloadable. Look for that to hit sometime in September. But the carts start selling soon.

    Thanks everyone for your interest, and feel free to leave any comments or questions below.