Assault on Precint 14 and a half

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    A Great Yarmouth police station came under siege in the early hours of this morning when a group of more than 100 people hurled beer and wine bottles at the building.

    The attack, on the station in Howard Street, happened after police arrested three people in a van carrying sound equipment, shortly after midnight. Police later attended an unlicensed music event on an industrial estate.

    The attack was declared a major incident by Norfolk Police amid reports that officers only narrowly avoided being injured by the objects being thrown and two police vehicles were damaged.

    Chf Supt Bob Scully said the arrested people were not involved in the police station attack, but they were linking the two incidents. He described the night's events as shameful.

    He said: "We acted swiftly to control the situation and restore order what occurred was entirely unacceptable large scale anti-social behaviour carried out by a large group of people. Officers risked serious injury and this type of behaviour just will not be tolerated.

    Fifteen people have been arrested in connection with the siege and with a burglary at the Thermaglow factory on Boundary Road.

    which manufactures heating elements, and is believed to be one of the places the organisers of the rave sought out as a possible venue, before moving on to another premises on the industrial estate.

    Blood on the helmet of one police officer attending the rave.

    More than 100 officers from Norfolk, Essex Suffolk and Cambridgeshire were involved in bringing the rave to an end, just before 10.30am this morning. Twenty-four special constables were also called in.

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