Art Style: BOXLIFE Review

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    BOXLIFE is another DSiWare game in the Art Style series, third to be exact. I can't think of any "think outside the box" puns that have already been used, so...

    ... I'm using everyone else's! BOXLIFE is all about boxes. Rarely you find something that isn't a box. Like every other Art Style, BOXLIFE goes for 500 Points (5 US Dollars) at the DSiShop. As soon as you enter, you will see on the touch screen 4 options: R&D, FACTORY, TUTORIAL, and HELP. The touch screen also has a little surprize.

    R&D is what you start out on. It simply shows you different box patterns. But before that, here's how the game works: you have 3 tools (cut, fold, and re-patch) to help you make boxes from grid paper. Your main objestive is to make cube nets and fold them into boxes. Cut, the sissors icon, cuts along the paper's lines to make squares. Fold, the middle icon, will fold pieces of paper you cut to make boxes. Re-patch, the right icon, patches a cut back together. Back to R&D, you start at rank 1. At the beginning of every rank, you start out with a new paper pattern that can be folded into a box, no cutting needed. Then, you recieve another piece of paper that requires cutting to make your boxes. Every level, it gets harder and harder to make the boxes. In addition, you are timed. You need 70 points or over to beat a rank. There are 14 ranks. As you beat them, you earn access, then upgrades, to the FACTORY, and your character's clothes are also upgraded by passing ranks.

    FACTORY is a larger part of the game. Like R&D, you try to cut paper to make boxes. Only, here, you have limitless paper! You make as many boxes as you can before the time runs out. They added nice 30 second, 20 second, and 10 second warnings so you know when you need to hurry up. Seems easy, right? One twist: your boss doesn't really like you, so he decides to throw bombs, yes, BOMBZ!!!, at you on the job. You have a bit of warning: the bonbs cast a shadow on the paper square its about to hit. Once a bomb lands, its like a ticking time bomb. It begins turning red, and when it filles completley: BOOM! It blasts a plus-shaped hole in your paper. You will be penalized for those lost squares, which will be taken off from you shift earnings. If you are able to box up a bomb, thats a lot of extra points. If not, then bye bye cash! At the end of of the shirt, you will be paid for the amount of boxes, and boxed up bombs, you made. Then, you will get money taken off according to the number of wasted squares. You use that money to upgrade your home. AS you work your way through R%D, more levels of the factory will be open. The higher the number, the more cash you earn, and the more bombs drop.

    TUTORIAL shows you how to play the game with 7 simple screens.

    Its in every game: HELP. HELP is a detailed tutorial. Enough said.

    The Top Screen...
    On the top screen, there's a little homestead. That's yours! Using the money you earned in FACTORY, you can upgrade pieces of your home. To switch out pieces, use the D-pad: Left=Pet, Up=House, Right=Field, and Down=Vehicle. Its a nice incentive to work hard in FACTORY.

    BOXLIFE is a very addicting game. It still upholds Art Style's... well... style: pick up and play. The music is a bit strange but not enough to turn you away. Replatibility is a huge +, I could play one level again and again. I highly recommend it.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My reviews are short and to the point. I give you a detailed layout of the game, and I don't sugar-coat anything.
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    When I bought my dsi and didn't had any game, I downloaded this game from dsiware and played it non-stop for 2/3 days. Everytime I stopped playing and gone out from home for a walk I was making those stupid cubes without noticing in my mind everytime I looked to something like a grid, the sidewalk for example! Listen to me, don't play too much of that game or your you will fry up your brain [​IMG] lolol ..
    Now talking seriously, its not good to play this game for a long time...
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    Nice review!

    I completely agree with everything you wrote. I've played every Art Style game ever released, and O have to admit: those guys really know how to create addicting games! But out of all of them, I still prefer BOXLIFE and PICTOPIC. They're the most fun IMO.