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    [​IMG] Around The Clock
    NEW NDS Homebrew

    Grab a Guinness and throw a round of darts Around the Clock. The player must make their way around the dart board (1-20, then Bulls-eye) to complete the game.

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    You can download the new version from here:-

    All Bugs have been fixed; and the game has been made eaiser as it was a little too hard.



    You must work your way around the board starting for 1 through to 20; then you must hit the outer bull, then the bull to finish.

    There are three levels of difficulty:-

    * Easy, Singles (all singles from 1 to 20) - NB. on Singles, Doubles and Trebles do not count!
    * Medium, Doubles (all doubles from 1 to 20)
    * Hard, Trebles (all trebles from 1 to 20)

    The dart will drop-out if you hit the metal on the dartboard, or the tip of the dart hits another dart.


    * Cursors = To move dart
    * B = Throw Dart
    * X = Toggle music on/off

    Watch the powerbar when throwing the dart as this will chage the trajectory of the dart.

    You can submit your high scores online, the leaderboard is hosted on the homepage of

    Enjoy the game Gaz [​IMG]