Hacking Arm11 (core 0) crash error near intro of games. Have formated fresh card, updated Luma.


Oct 7, 2020
I have one last software repair idea we can try but discussions would have to continue in PM (private message). If you're interested, I'll PM you the details.

EDIT 1 - There are several safety conditions that the script checks for before making the decision to reflash the ctrtransfer image.
  • (1) Are the image *.bin and *.sha in the sdmc:/gm9/in directory?
  • (2) Ask the user to grant Lvl1-3 editing permissions.
  • (3) Determine if the 3DS firmware has unusual or atypical softbrick (2.1.0 downgrade, missing or nonstandard sized partitions).
  • (4) Check if the SD card has enough free space to do work.
  • (5) Make sure the selected image is for the appropriate system (Old 3DS vs New 3DS. 3DS firmware region vs image region).
  • (6) Test if the BIN image is the correct size and image mountable.
  • (7) Compare the actual hash of the BIN vs the SHA record. Is the image data intact?
The script might have early cancelled itself, which could explain why those TIKs and CIAs folders are missing.

Do you remember waiting several minutes while the script did its thing, seeing a bunch of text code scroll up, and several short pauses with colored messages explaining what the script was doing next?

By all means, Turbo - awaiting your PM. :)

The script did do its thing, I saw at least three long text scroll ups with short pauses, and it continued briefly after that until it finished. I made sure not to touch anything until it was done as your warning of pressing "B" was quite explicit haha.
Jan 1, 2018
United States
Follow-up story.

@ConfusedNDazzed and I arranged to have his n3DS mailed all the way from Canada to Florida via trusty ol' Pigeon Carrier Air Express. Despite selecting same day shipping, the package took longer to arrive than expected. Those birds are probably flying shorter hours in preparation for winter, and the higher mailing volume from the upcoming U.S. presidential election isn't helping either.

When software repairs from the user's end does not work as expected, this usual routine is followed: dump nand partition images from the bricked 2DS/3DS system, temporarily clone them on one of my 2DS/3DS, [fix+update+test] the 3DS firmware, dump the fixed images, restore my 2DS/3DS real sysnand image, and reflash the fixed images back on the bricked 2DS/3DS.

For more info about this procedure, here are some previous examples.

On my n3DS, I was able to perform CTRTransfer (Type D9) on GodMode9 v1.9.2pre1 to his cloned images without an issue. The reported bug (post #34) about the missing folders for the system tickets and TWL/DSiWare CIAs was not observed. With that said, the warning about avoiding the script's CTRTransfer function in the Instructions section has been removed as I can't seem to reproduce the bug and don't know under what conditions it's possible the script allows for the reflash to happens while failing to create those folders.

Because of the risk nand cloning poses when two or more systems present themselves online with the same user profile, the 3DS firmware was offline updated to 11.13U by installing a collection of system title CIAs with sysUpdater app. The three firmware modes functioned perfectly fine testing these games.
  • 3DS mode: Pokémon X
  • GBA mode: F-Zero: Maximum Velocity (GBA VC)
  • DS(i) mode: The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords (DSiWare)


Unfortunately, Dazzed's n3DS reflashed with the fixed images continued to crash with ARM11 errors. It's assumed at this point the motherboard is bad.

Before sending back his n3DS, I was tempted to swap motherboards between my niece's black mario edition n3DS and his n3DS. The white mario edition looks so nice, I was willing to play dumb in not knowing what he was talking about in what clearly would have been an unsolicited items exchange. "What's that? I stole your n3DS? No, don't be silly. Yours was always black." :creep:

EDIT - Anyone knows of any websites that sells used, good condition, JPN n3DS that ships to Canada?
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