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ARK-4 PSP CFW port version 10 released, adds popsloader support


Over the weekend, @Acid_Snake has released a new version of ARK-4, a CFW designed to be a more modernized solution compared to the original PRO CFW. Version 10 of ARK-4 is available to download now for PlayStation Portable or PlayStation Vita users. Changes made to this release include Popsloader support, and improvements made to the Inferno Driver, while previous recent releases also added in DAX and JISO support.

What are the features?
  • Core system for unsigned code execution on every PSP device based on 6.60 kernel.
  • Inferno driver Version 2 compatible with ISO, CSO, ZSO, JSO and DAX format.
  • Popcorn controller for PSX games.
  • Stargate No-DRM engine.
  • Plugin support for PSP games, PSX games and VSH (XMB), including per-game plugins.
  • Compatible with all PSP models on firmwares 6.60 and 6.61.
  • Compatible with all PS Vita models on firmware 2.10 and up.
  • Minimalistic: only 6 files installed on PSP flash, CFW extensions are installed on memory stick
  • Custom game launcher with built-in file browser, FTP server and client, modernized look, game categories and more.

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