are you a fan of mini games?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by migles, Apr 25, 2016.

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    Sep 19, 2013
    there are lots of video games that have small mini games on them.
    the legend of zelda series is the biggest example i can think of...

    so i would ask to gbatemp, do you play the mini games post game? or do you like to play theese mini games for other reason than get the prize (that is required or not to finish the main game)
    or when you require to finish a mini game in order to advance the game you groan and just want to skip the thing over?

    my answer:
    i kinda like mini games, i can't remember a mini game i played for other reason than get an item or extra money..
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    Nov 21, 2005
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    The little card game thing in Kotor. Quite liked that
    Arcomage from whatever Might and Magic game I was playing at the time. Well there is a reason it got its own game but yeah I liked that a lot.
    Does the stuff in Shenmue count?
    Can't think of anything in any Final Fantasy I really liked. Tetra Master from FF9 was not bad, the stuff in 8 was a definite drag on the game though.
    I sometimes forget that Geometry Wars was a minigame first so I should include that.
    The minigames inside watch dogs were probably the best part of it for me. I am not quite as down on watch dogs as some but that was definitely a high point in it. Mainly the audio trips rather than the shooting or the free running and definitely not the drinking game (though as a drinking game it was probably the best implementation I have seen).
    What I can remember of the witcher's minigames I did not mind.
    Arenas for games with them work for me, however that is probably pushing it as we would also have to look at things like mercenaries from Resident Evil.
    There was also a hidden minigame in one of the Lotus games I had on the megadrive, the people that had it before me put how to unlock it in the high score table.
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    May 8, 2012
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    For starters I found amusing that a game could contain another game inside, is kind of a "yo dawg" situation.
    The berry grinder on Pokemon RSE was quite amusing and I liked to make pokeblocks, too bad I ran out of berries just when my timing was getting almost perfect.
    While not particularly amusing the horse races on GTA SA are a big source of income early in the game, you can be millionaire if you win races betting all to the horse with the highest multiplier (and being patient enough to reload your game if you lose).
    If arenas count as minigames then the coliseums of the various Tales of games are a blast, also the slaughter dome/house/whatever of Borderlands 1/2/TPS.

    Aside from that you have the games that are just a recollection of minigames, Warioware, Rayman Rabbids and Rhythm Heaven are the prime example of that.
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