PS1/2 Are there more games like super mario 64 that can be ported to ps2/ other consoles?


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Jun 28, 2018
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Is it possible to do what everyone is doing for super mario 64 on, doom 64, duke nukem 64, and more 64 games? Also can this super mario 64 business be done to play it on rgh?
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Nov 21, 2005
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By RGH do you mean reset glitch hack for the 360? If so yeah it is a high powered machine with full hardware access.

If you mean straight open source then

Diablo saw something similar if you mean decompilation

We did see several leaks of N64 game source code in various leaks recently as well. Such things are also amenable to porting efforts.

As far as decompilation of other N64 games then it is not a simple process. It is something that takes experienced programmers quite a while, even if they are not going for the compiles to 1:1 thing that the Mario 64 stuff started out being/we first saw and was a stated goal (you can get something that is functionally identical -- moves, jumps, damage calculations... all the same rather more easily, even more so if you don't need to make it into nice readable code and leave function names as is).
Mario 64 also had a few niceties and there are things the N64 can do with things either basic inline assembly* or the more fun stuff with microcode, as well as compiler flags and executable packing to make decompilation that bit more annoying.

*this need not mean the assembly used is basic, indeed one rather expects something quite clever if you are going to do something inline. If you are not familiar with the term then while compiled languages are pretty good performance there may well (especially on the N64 without so nice compilers as we have today, and being N64 hardware which is pretty limited when it comes to raw performance) come a time when you need to get down and dirty with the CPU and take it one instruction at a time to eek out the maximum performance ( ). This will obviously not convert back into simple C code as it never was to begin with. This will also need to be accounted for in the decompilation efforts.

Still we have more than proof of concept with mario 64 now so yeah it is reasonable for some programmers to take a N64 ROM, fire it through a suitable decompiler (itself a serious bit of kit), maybe juice it a bit with some of the dynamic recompilation information derived from the emulator (the emulator doing what it does eliminates some uncertainties that static decompilation will struggle with) and also wind in their own knowledge of the language and compiler in question (the bigger trick -- N64 hardware, the compiler and even language of that day is not exactly taught in schools, and the game design mindset also helps in such matters**) whilst referencing the disassembly and game when being played. It will face all the same legal issues as anything else that is made in such a manner; I am personally stunned Nintendo allows it to remain up in public source code form, though I suppose the pokemon stuff has similarly remained available for even longer -émon_disassembly_projects.html . If you want some reading of a term in question then see "clean room reverse engineering" and know that fiddling with the sorts of toys mentioned above is anything but that.

** era specific mindsets and being the sorts of things you might want to know if you are looking at some bit of code and trying to figure out what the devs were thinking. Speaking of what people were thinking then if you are on a place like this asking a question like this then you are probably also familiar with bugs in games -- game programmers are not always the best or most diligent, much like being able to read a simple instruction manual vs being able to understand drunk accented slang being spoken to you in a noisy location is a test of language then so is trying to figure out what a sub par dev might have been thinking.
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