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  1. Elliander

    OP Elliander GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Sep 16, 2011
    United States
    Having read through a number of threads about the limitations to the switch, I found myself wondering what else is possible, and figured I should start a new thread to ask about a few ideas:

    1.) Only a few games that support local wireless play also support LAN play, which doesn't make sense to me. I get why a wireless connection would support 8 games, while LAN supports 12, but aside from that limitation is there any real difference in the networking protocol? Or is it up to the developers to decide which Networking mode to support? and if there isn't a difference, couldn't we mod a game to use LAN instead of wireless, to either support home networks with wireless interference issues or online play such as discussed here? Alternatively, could a CFW eventually be used to override whatever networking connection the game uses, to a system level configured default? So the game thinks it's on Wireless, but the console is going through Ethernet instead.

    1b.) Alternatively, I wonder if there might be some way to accept the wireless signal from a switch on a computer and turn it into a wired signal, which would effectively be the opposite of a "Wireless Ethernet Bridge". Really, anything that could allow us to convert from Wireless to Wired so the Switch still thinks it's using a Wireless connection while allowing us to forward packets should work.

    2.) What are the chances of getting an alternative online network, like what exists for the 3DS and Wii? and if Wii emulation is ever fully developed on the Switch, I wonder if those existing networks could allow online play within the emulator.

    Personally, it's the Homebrew that I am most interested in, and the ability to see my old library of games to continue to live after Nintendo stops caring, but from what I can gather it seems to be the case that I am more likely to get banned for Homebrew than Piracy, which is stupid. Having alternative networks means that I wouldn't have to worry about that, not that Nintendo online play has ever really been good in my experience. It also would mean continued existence of online play after Nintendo decides that it's done with it.

    My current plan is to update to the latest firmware, then backup the NAND, then setup an EmuNAND with SX OS, and hope the Homebrew in the EmuNAND would protect the SysNAND, but I know there are no guarantees. Aside from that, I have been wanting to setup LAN parties and I'd generally prefer LAN with multiple televisions than a wireless event for reliability.
  2. Rahkeesh

    Rahkeesh GBAtemp Addict

    Apr 3, 2018
    United States
    "Local wireless" is usually "ad-hoc wireless", i.e. direct bluetooth connection between nearby switches that does not require any wi-fi router. It would be fairly tricky to do anything custom with these bluetooth connections. Each switch only has about 8-ish "channels" and these are shared between wireless controllers and talking to other switches.

    "LAN play" typically involves everyone getting on the same network via routers, whether ethernet or wi-fi. So each switch connects to nearby routers/access points on the 2.5/5ghz bands (or ethernet adapter). If you have half-decent wi-fi this is going to be way more reliable for large LAN parties. As you noted not too many games support it though, and it would be far from easy to try and add this to existing game binaries.

    There is already a server utility for connecting "LAN play" switches over the internet posted on gbatemp. Doesn't even need homebrew, just have to point your switch DNS settings to the server. Because the DNS settings let you funnel everything to these servers they can interpret and reroute everything accordingly. You don't have this same luxury dealing with bluetooth wireless which doesn't use DNS at all.

    In theory someone could even make a replacement Switch Online someday as a DNS server. We already have DNS servers that spoof Nintendo servers to send back an "OK" and let you get on your wi-fi network without sending anything over the internet, although emulating Switch Online is surely far more complicated.
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