Are there any rumors about different modchips/backup loaders than the SX Pro?

Tigro Jul 3, 2018.

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    The only thing holding me back from buying the SX Pro right now is the fact that it's pretty risky since we don't really know what triggers a ban, we're still before the major ban wave and because people who only played their backups offline and only connected for something unrelated still reported some bans. Thus, I began to wonder whether if there are any rumors about any other exploits that are being worked on or any other companies working on their modchips or backup loaders that may alleviate the issue? Team Xecuter's support seems fantastic so far and their product is great but still I wouldn't really complain if I could use some modchip while still being able to connect online for legit stuff and legit online carts :)

    So, are there any reports of different companies trying to work on something similar but without the risk of a ban? Or am I just best off buying the SX Pro and keeping my console in airplane mode until Team Xecuter themselves (or the community) figure something out (like properly clearing logs of SX Pro's activity)?
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    You can never be free from a ban while running any type of hacks whatsoever. The only team possible of doing this would be Nintendo themselves.
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    Reisyukaku is working on ReiNX.
    There's some rumor of someone already having a backup loader for Atmosphere ready that will be released at the same time as Atmosphere.
    I think that's all of it.

    I'm sure TX will take measures to avoid people getting banned if they can, like any backup loader developer would. But like you said we don't know what triggers a ban so right now we can't say for sure, we don't know if it's even feasible to prevent bans. Look at the 360, no one has been able to prevent bans even with full access to the system. You can take every measure possible to keep you safe like dual NAND but in the end you might still get banned, it just takes longer.
    In the long run having a second Switch for legit use and online and having one dedicated to offline only is still going to save you money compared to buying every game though.
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    Jun 26, 2018
    Yeah that's the right way to go. If you don't want used console then the dockless version nintendo is selling in Japan might be for you.
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