Are there any guides for backing up GBA saves?

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    Jun 25, 2008
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    I've searched around and didn't find any guides and don't know how exactly you do this. I've been trying to use Rudolph's gba backup tool to get a save from my original Lord of the Rings: Return of the King game onto my slot 1 card so I can play it on my EZ Flash 3 in 1. I've been having some trouble doing this. It gets backed up onto the slot1 card but then I'm not sure if I have to like rename it, convert it, or move it to another folder because it doesn't recognize it. I've tried doing some different things but any help is appreciated.

    Edit: I realize now that the SAVE type is EEPROM and it seems something different needs to be done with those but I'm still wondering if there are any guides for backing up regular saves or the eeoprom saves.

    Edit 2: I got my Fire Emblem save to work and after searching around some more it seems that EEPROM saves are impossible to convert with what I'm using. Is this true?

    It seems that almost nothing can be done with this save and I don't know how to lock/delete topics on here so it would be nice if someone can tell me how.