Are there any Final Fantasy IV Save Editors yet?

Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by pwn3d91, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. pwn3d91

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    Apr 17, 2007
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    So basically, after going through an extremely long dungeon, I'm about to fight a boss. There's only a save spot, yet I have no tents. All of my magic users are out of MP, and I have barely any restorative items, so I really would like a save editor just to add on some ethers and such.

    ANYWHO: Does one exist yet? If not is one in the making?
  2. Ferrariman

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    Dec 9, 2007
    Wait for cheats.
    EDIT: do you have some magic guy with Teleport?
  3. DarthNemesis

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    Feb 19, 2008
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    Item 1 Quantity 99
    220D7A82 00000063

    Item 1 = Ether x99
    020D7A80 0063138C
  4. pwn3d91

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    Apr 17, 2007
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    Yes I can use Teleport, the problem is that I don't want to redo the whole dungeon >_<

    Wow thanks DN, but how do I use that on a SuperCard?
  5. DarthNemesis

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    Feb 19, 2008
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    Item 2 = Tent x5
    020D7A84 0005139C

    I'm not familiar with SuperCards, but if worst comes to worst, you can make a trainer for it temporarily.
  6. Mentz

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    Jul 7, 2008
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    Cheat for Supercard are a little bit hard to make...

    You must create a txt file formatted in a certain way with AR code and use to appz to trasform in a working file cheat..
    Rename the cheat file with the exact name of rom (like the save) and put where rom and save are..

    All you need is on the official supercard website...
  7. Ryushikaze

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    Jun 7, 2007
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    Darth Nemesis, where'd you get the item number, quantity, and type values from? Any chance you could make those public?
  8. DarthNemesis

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    Feb 19, 2008
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    I started a new game and used hasteDS to do a search on what changed as I moved the inventory around. If someone wants to send me a savegame that's later into the game, I wouldn't mind compiling a list of item digits.

    Edit: I used the item digits listed here:

    Item Modifier Codes

    020D8080 0000000xx Number of items
    020D7A80 00yy#### Item 1
    020D7A84 00yy#### Item 2
    020D7A88 00yy#### Item 3
    020D7A8C 00yy#### Item 4
    020D7A90 00yy#### Item 5

    020D8284 0000000xx Number of key items
    020D8084 00yy#### Key Item 1
    020D8088 00yy#### Key Item 2

    (yy = quantity 00-63, #### = type, keep adding 4 to the address to make codes for other items)

    Item Digits

    1389 Potion
    138A Hi-Potion
    138B X-Potion
    138C Ether
    138D Dry Ether
    138E Elixir
    138F Megalixir
    1390 Phoenix Down
    1391 Gold Needle
    1392 Maiden's Kiss
    1393 Mallet
    1394 Diet Ration
    1395 Echo Herbs
    1396 Eye Drops
    1397 Antidote
    1398 Cross
    1399 Remedy
    139A Alarm Clock
    139B Unicorn Horn
    139C Tent
    139D Cottage
    139E Emergency Exit
    139F Gnomish Bread
    13A0 Gysahl Greens
    13A1 Gysahl Whistle
    13A2 Golden Apple
    13A3 Silver Apple
    13A4 Soma Drop
    13A5 Siren
    13A6 Lustful Lali-Ho
    13A7 Ninja Sutra
    13AB Red Fang
    13AC White Fang
    13AD Blue Fang
    13AE Bomb Fragment
    13AF Bomb Crank
    13B0 Antarctic Wind
    13B1 Arctic Wind
    13B2 Zeus' Wrath
    13B3 Heavenly Wrath
    13B4 Gaia Drum
    13B5 Bomb Core
    13B6 Stardust
    13B7 Lilith's Kiss
    13B8 Vampire Fang
    13B9 Spider Silk
    13BA Silent Bell
    13BB Coeurl Whisker
    13BC Bestiary
    13BD Bronze Hourglass
    13BE Silver Hourglass
    13BF Gold Hourglass
    13C0 Bacchus's Wine
    13C1 Hermes Sandals
    13C2 Decoy
    13C3 Light Curtain
    13C4 Lunar Curtain
    13C5 Crystal
    13C6 Member's Writ
    1447 Rainbow Pudding

    1770 Empty
    1771 Dark Sword
    1772 Shadowblade
    1773 Deathbringer
    1774 Mythgraven Blade
    1775 Lustrous Sword
    1776 Excalibur
    1777 Ragnarok
    1778 Ancient Sword
    1779 Blood Sword
    177A Mythril Sword
    177B Sleep Blade
    177C Flame Sword
    177D Icebrand
    177E Stoneblade
    177F Avenger
    1780 Defender
    1781 Fireshard
    1782 Frostshard
    1783 Thundershard
    1784 Onion Sword
    17D5 Spear
    17D6 Wind Spear
    17D7 Flame Lance
    17D8 Ice Lance
    17D9 Blood Lance
    17DA Gungnir
    17DB Wyvern Lance
    17DC Holy Lance
    1839 Mythril Knife
    183A Dancing Dagger
    183B Mage Masher
    183C Knife
    189D Dream Harp
    189E Lamia Harp
    1901 Flame Claws
    1902 Ice Claws
    1903 Lightning
    1904 Faerie
    1905 Hell Claws
    1906 Cat Claws
    1965 Wooden Hammer
    1966 Mythril Hammer
    1967 Gaia Hammer
    19C9 Dwarven Axe
    19CA Ogrekiller
    19CB Poison Axe
    19CC Rune Axe
    1A2D Kunai
    1A2E Ashura
    1A2F Kotetsu
    1A30 Kiku-ichimonji
    1A31 Murasame
    1A32 Masamune
    1A91 Rod
    1A92 Flame Rod
    1A93 Ice Rod
    1A94 Thunder Rod
    1A95 Lilith Rod
    1A96 Polymorph Rod
    1A97 Faerie Rod
    1A98 Stardust Rod
    1AF5 Staff
    1AF6 Healing Staff
    1AF7 Mythril Staff
    1AF8 Power Staff
    1AF9 Aura Staff
    1AFA Sage's Staff
    1AFB Rune Staff
    1B59 Bow
    1B5A Power Bow
    1B5B Great Bow
    1B5C Killer Bow
    1B5D Elven Bow
    1B5E Yoichi Bow
    1B5F Artemis Bow
    1BBD Medusa Arrows
    1BBE Iron Arrows
    1BBF Holy Arrows
    1BC0 Fire Arrows
    1BC1 Ice Arrows
    1BC2 Lightning Arrows
    1BC3 Blinding Arrows
    1BC4 Poison Arrows
    1BC5 Silencing Arrows
    1BC6 Angel Arrows
    1BC7 Yoichi Arrows
    1BC8 Artemis Arrows
    1C21 Whip
    1C22 Chain Whip
    1C23 Blitz Whip
    1C24 Flame Whip
    1C25 Dragon Whisker
    1C85 Boomerang
    1C86 Moonring Blade
    1CE9 Shuriken
    1CEA Fuma Shuriken

    1F40 Empty
    1F41 Iron Shield
    1F42 Dark Shield
    1F43 Demon Shield
    1F44 Lustrous Shield
    1F45 Mythril Shield
    1F46 Flame Shield
    1F47 Ice Shield
    1F48 Diamond Shield
    1F49 Aegis Shield
    1F4A Genji Shield
    1F4B Dragon Shield
    1F4C Crystal Shield
    1F4D Onion Shield
    1FA5 Leather Cap
    1FA6 Headband
    1FA7 Feathered Cap
    1FA8 Iron Helm
    1FA9 Wizard's Hat
    1FAA Green Beret
    1FAB Dark Helm
    1FAC Hades Helm
    1FAD Sage's Miter
    1FAE Black Cowl
    1FAF Demon Helm
    1FB0 Lustrous Helm
    1FB1 Gold Hairpin
    1FB2 Mythril Helm
    1FB3 Diamond Helm
    1FB4 Ribbon
    1FB5 Genji Helm
    1FB6 Dragon Helm
    1FB7 Crystal Helm
    1FB8 Glass Mask
    1FB9 Onion Helm
    2009 Clothing
    200A Prison Garb
    200B Leather Clothing
    200C Bard's Tunic
    200D Gaia Gear
    200E Iron Armor
    200F Dark Armor
    2010 Sage's Surplice
    2011 Kenpo Gi
    2012 Hades Armor
    2013 Black Robe
    2014 Demon Armor
    2015 Black Belt Gi
    2016 Knight's Armor
    2017 Luminous Robe
    2018 Mythril Armor
    2019 Flame Mail
    201A Power Sash
    201B Ice Armor
    201C White Robe
    201D Diamond Armor
    201E Minerva Bustier
    201F Genji Armor
    2020 Dragon Mail
    2021 Black Garb
    2022 Crystal Mail
    2023 Adamant Armor
    2024 Onion Armor
    206D Ruby Ring
    206E Cursed Ring
    206F Iron Gloves
    2070 Dark Gloves
    2071 Iron Armlet
    2072 Power Armlet
    2073 Hades Gloves
    2074 Demon Gloves
    2075 Silver Armlet
    2076 Gauntlets
    2077 Rune Armlet
    2078 Mythril Gloves
    2079 Diamond Armlet
    207A Diamond Gloves
    207B Genji Gloves
    207C Dragon Gloves
    207D Giant's Gloves
    207E Crystal Gloves
    207F Protect Ring
    2080 Crystal Rings
    2081 Onion Gloves

    238C Goblin
    238D Bomb
    238E Cockatrice
    238F Mindflayer
    2390 Bardsong
    2391 Salve
    2392 Hide
    2393 Twincast
    2394 Cry
    2395 Bluff
    2396 Recall
    2397 Fast Talker
    2398 Dualcast
    2399 Analyze
    239A Upgrade
    239B Adrenaline
    239C Focus
    239D Brace
    239E Kick
    239F Bless
    23A0 Last Stand
    23A1 Phoenix
    23A2 Limit Break
    23B0 Auto-Potion
    23B1 Omnicasting
    23B2 Item Lore
    23B3 Counter
    23B4 MP +50%
    23B6 Piercing Magic
    23B7 HP +50%
    23B9 Reach
    23BA Level Lust
    23BB Gil Farmer
    23BC Treasure Hunter
    23BD Curse
    23BE Tsunami
    23BF Whirlwind
    23C0 Inferno
    23C1 Draw Attacks
    23C2 Eye Gouge
    23C3 Safe Travel
    23C6 Darkness
    23CE 's Love

    23D1 Red Tail
    23D2 Black Tail
    23D3 Blue Tail
    23D4 Green Tail
    23D5 Yellow Tail

    Key Items
    2329 Frying Pan
    232A Adamantite
    232C Sand Pearl
    232D Dark Matter
    232E Earth Crystal
    232F Rat Tail
    2330 Baron Key
    2331 Whisperweed
    2332 Pink Tail
    2333 Carnelian Signet
    2334 Magma Stone
    2335 Dark Crystal
    2336 Luca's Necklace
    2337 Lugae's Key
  9. Tomy Sakazaki

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    Oct 23, 2006
    There isn't any code to remove augments from chars or save editor for this matter?