Are there 3DS save backup methods other than Datel's stuff? And if so, what would you recommend?

Discussion in '3DS - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by N7Kopper, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. N7Kopper

    N7Kopper Proud lover of a three-inch girlfriend

    Aug 24, 2014
    Keep in mind that I'm running stock firmware, and am not interested in any kind of ROM creation, usage, or homebrew. Just save backups. And possibly editing, too. That might be nice.
    I would, however, like a solution that can also back up DS and DSi saves, if one exists.

    As the title implied, I already know of Datel's PowerSaves - but I wouldn't mind recommendations from those who might know better than I do. Thanks, in advance.
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