Question Are Fan Translations of Switch games currently feasible?

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    While there have been many Japanese games that have received official localizations (some Japan-only games like DOAX3 and Super Robot Wars V even have English language options), there are still some games that haven't yet had or are unlikely to have official translations, including the Famicom Detective Club remakes, so I'm just wondering if Switch homebrew has advanced far enough to allow for fan-made translation patches into English and other languages.

    Here are some examples of games that have yet to receive (and/or are unlikely to receive) official localizations on Switch (list is not exhaustive):
    • Yo-Kai Watch 1 for Nintendo Switch
    • Yo-Kai Watch 4
    • The Snack World: Trejarers Gold
    • Ninja Box
    • Some Sumikko Gurashi games
    • Pripara
    • Choju Giga Wars
    • The Famicom Detective Club remakes
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    Of course. We have examples of Xenoblade 2 Brasilian-Portuguese fan translation and Final Fantasy XII Polish translation.

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    Yo-kai Watch 4 was announced officially for West.

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    Im still hoping Cardfight Vanguard on Switch gets a fan translation patch x-x
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