Arcana Hearts 3 Might Get Released Tomorrow on PSN

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    When I signed into PSN earlier, My Arcana Hearts 3 Trophies were in Japanese and then I got
    "Error has occurred" message so i signed out and went back on PSN to sync my trophies
    I saw that Arcana Hearts 3 trophies got changed to English.
    So I'm Thinking We Might Get it Tomorrow cause games on PS3. The trophies dont
    turn to English until a day before release. Happened to me with Yakuza 3 and Yakuza 4
    One Day before the English Release So
    Cross your Fingers for a Release Tomorrow Here are Pics to say my point.
    Update* According to Gamefaqs the Release Date is Q1 2011
    and Tomorrow is in the Q1 date
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