AR usrcheat all set for US E with brightness contr

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    AR usrcheat all set for (US) & (E) with brightness control

    I used Bfoo's usrcheat that was posted in the topic at link below where chuckstudios is, but it is page 1 post #2. I added the brightness control to every game that was in the usrcheat.dat. which I believe is US and E game cheats and some J that are available at codejunkies site.
    It took me about 2 hours to add to every game's cheat, so I hope you enjoy the time I saved you.
    This is for dslite's brightness control only:

    I was just searching and found one done by chuckstudios that has dslite and dsphat. and that can be found in this topic page 2 post #29: