Apple hires Ex- Navy cyber security officer

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    Apple has hired cybersecurity expert David Rice - a former NSA and Navy official - as its new "Director of Global Security." Rice is expected to take the helm in early March, as his appointment comes to help mitigate the growing concerns of client security on iDevices. As Apple ramps up its sales pitches to big business and large government agencies, the "security implications of iPhones and iPads running on their networks" must be addressed from a trusted source. It now appears that Rice will be that source.

    After graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1994, Rice went on to serve as a Global Network Vulnerability analyst for the National Security Agency and as a "Special Duty Cryptologic officer" for the US Navy. In terms of experience combating cyber security threats, Rice is the real deal. Former executive director of the Monterey Group - a cybersecurity consulting firm - Rice also remains on the faculty of IANS, a prominent information security research company. According to CNET, Rice was even involved with the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit, a nonprofit organization that "researches the potential for cyberattacks and their impact." And the resume rolls on...

    While little is presently known about the attributes of the iPhone 5, many industry analysts believe the fifth generation Apple handset will be light on new bells and whistles and, instead, heavily showcase new security features. As Apple continues to promote its smartphone as the ultimate business tool, the Cupertino-tech giant now finds itself in need of some hardcore security muscle to prove that the iPhone is every bit as "safe" as it is sexy.

    Source: CNET and Modmyi
    Bad news for the jailbreaking community guys?
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    looks like security has become high priority for apple
    dont want no jailbroken systems do they
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    I'm sure this mainly to protect against cyber-terrorism, not against little kids wanting to pirate games. At least, they wouldn't have to hire an ex-Navy guy to do the latter.
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    Eh, I doubt Apple will be able to cover up the 'security features' on an iPhone 5 with any good reasons that wouldn't seem obvious to the average consumer.
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    He worked for the NSA too. I can see SEDarwin in the works. If it's at all like SELinux it would help with both.