1. markehmus

    OP markehmus GBAtemp Advanced Maniac

    Jul 26, 2008
    i have several Wii with different Drives and chips in them.

    many of them i removed the original drive and put in a d2a and soldered in WiiKey.

    i don't remember which have a chip or what type of drive is in the Wii.
    (FlatMii and Wode are easy to tell, but i still don't know the drive type in them)

    since i swapped out drives the serial numbers on the Wii's wont help either.

    i seem to recall an app that showed the type of drive in the Wii on screen,
    but i was wondering if anyone knew of an app run in HBC that would tell me what drive and or chip is in the Wii so i don't have to take them apart to find out ?
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