Anywhere to get Original DS Housing anymore?

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    Mar 26, 2008
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    I just discovered my old fat DS while cleaning, and it has a broken top screen.

    I've already bought a replacement LCD screen, but the housing is also incredibly beat up.

    I know DealExtreme used to sell housing, but it seems they don't have them anymore. I cannot find any outside of eBay, and even then there are only a few colors.

    I was able to get a CLEAR housing for my DS Lite, which is really cool. Does anyone know if they ever made one for the original DS? I like having clear shells on my systems, as I now do for my DS Lite and Wii.

    This one seems to be the cheapest I can find, even with shipping to the States:

    I saw a black one from a different seller, but it costs a lot more and I can't really justify spending that kind of money on an old system.

    Any other colors besides silver/white/pink that you guys can find me for cheap? ($20 and less)