Anyway to unbrick a Coldboot start up

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    The steps posted in this thread are for a SECOND dsvc after you have a working cbhc setup with a purchased eShop title. Op's mistake from what I can tell is they installed the same title instead of a different one and overwrote the tik. Completely user error. Guide was correct though having haxchi on top of a cbhc setup makes no sense. Just use hbl channel or boot directly into hbl.
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    i still dont understand why if you have cbhc installed that you would want haxchi on a seperate link..
    you console boots haxchi automatically :s confused .
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    People using it as a homebrew launcher instead of just installing the homebrew channel through wupinstaller. People like to make things more complicated then they need to be.
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    I also do that.
    1. Homebrew Channel isnt able to laucnh RPX
    2. Sometimes the Channel version dosent load and needs a hard reset
    3. Sometimes the Channel version dosent load any homebrew and console needs to be rebootet
    4. Sometimes booting a Homebrew in the Channel version Crashes the WIIU

    And the most important for most of the Users is Haxchi can Boot the wanted Homebrew right from the System Menu with shortcuts humanity is lazy.

    It seems that some Users dont encounter any of these and other Users encounter at least one of them in 1 of 3 boots

    Haxchi is way more stable for most of the Users.
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    I hate when people say coldboothax is similar to menuhax on the 3ds. The only similarity is that it boots homebrew from coldboot. Other than that menuhax is FAR safer as it only installs to the home menu themes or saves, which are located on SD. Meaning if anything goes wrong with the hack, you can pull the SD and you'll still have a functioning system. One small screw up with coldboothax on Wii U and your console is a big paperweight. Not only is it a fairly unstable process to start with, you also have the fact that you MUST keep haxchi installed to sysNAND. If you accidentally move it to USB, delete the title, or uninstall/break haxchi, your system is dead. I've just stayed with keeping haxchi installed and loading it from home menu. The slightly faster load isn't worth the much greater brick risk.
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    Agreed. Not work the risk, I'd rather keep my new one for quite some time... It's just one step more but its a fail safe.
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    I don't see how moving that title, deleting it is accidental when it clearly says DON'T TOUCH !!!
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    When you do something accidentally you are not aware of your actions, for example batch installing with wup installer without noticing one of the games was your cold boot title or quickly going through data management and deleting games you don't play not noticing you touched your cold boot title. FIX94 did block these from happening (it's impossible to install over your Cold boot title anymore and neither is doing anything in data management with it) but not everyone updates to the latest so these things can still happen to them
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    Wow really ? I mean I change from haxchi to CBHC and installed the homebrew launcher channel, I found it faster than the previous one I got with normal haxchi and never encountered the problems you said , not a single time
    Seems I'm one of the blessed CBHC users xD
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    i have the same error code 160-0103.and i have a rednand backup can i fix my wiiu using hardmode .
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    Feb 4, 2015
    I also haven't
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    I had one of the rare bricks by cancelling a ftp transfer and pressing the home button on ftpiiu everywhere
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    Same, I love CBHC, was easy to install and everything loads incredibly fast without issue. If it bricked me, I'd probably hate it and advise others from using it, but that's just not my reality lol. One thing though is a lot of people need to realize that after they've installed CBHC, they should install the Homebrew Launcher channel and not Haxchi again. Installing Haxchi a second time seems to be where a lot of people run into issues, and its so avoidable that its a bit sad to see.
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    Aug 5, 2014
    If you don't have a NAND backup, extract your redNAND (if you have it) and try to restore that via hardmod.
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    Jun 3, 2009
    I've got error 160-0101 after just trying to update CBHC from 1.5 to 1.6.

    Installation was apperently successful... No errors. But after rebooting console, it was bricked. Error 160-0101. I did not mess with haxchi... Only executed the CBHC 1.6 installation files using Homebrew Channel.

    I did not have a Wii U complete nand backup... Only the vWii nand backup...

    CBHC is very unsafe. Do not install it or you are risking ending up with a very expensive paper weight.

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    I've updated several CBHC installs without issue. The only thing I can see messing you up is during the upgrade did you choose the wrong DS game? If your correctly chose the right DS HaxChi game during upgrade you should have no issues.

    Again. All user error. We have successfully narrowed every CBHC brick down to user error. If all you did was upgrade your CBHC and didn't do anything wrong and now you have a brick, this would be the first documented case. We need more info.

    I've seen where people set up 2nd HaxChi's for various reasons. I see nothing wrong with this. It works fine. You just need to be more careful when you are messing with CBHC. It will ask you which DS game to use. You, the USER must know this. CBHC can't tell if it's legit or not.

    Yes CBHC has risks. Just like every other major console hack in history. If you're not sure what you're doing, ask for help first.

    I have 4 HaxChi installs. 1 for CBHC (legit eshop purchase) and 3 others for gamecube games on wii u system menu.

    It all works perfectly and I have updated CBHC every time just fine. You just have to make sure that you choose the correct DS game during CBHC upgrade.
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    this is totaly dangerous tutorial.
    if you download a noone legit VC title and isntall cbhc over it it will brick cbhc too, this is a very dangerous tutorial lol i would never follow this guide.

    install cbhc over a legit vc title and then install the hbl channel and you are done for life.
  18. eteles

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    Jun 3, 2009
    Hello... So this seems to be the first brick without user error... I had only one haxchi installed... Legit VC bought from eShop. It was the only haxchi installation.

    As I told you... Update was completed successfully... The game was Brain age... It costed me about 7 bucks. There was no mistake, since I had no other VC games compatible with haxchi installed). But after reboot, error 160-0101.
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    Check Ebay for a used one console only because that's all you need, who cares if it's 8 gb you should have a decent sized external by now. You might pay $70 or so.
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    Anyone want to buy a bricked wii u?
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