Anyway to stop the 'You have connected a USB Storage device' message from appearing on the Wii U?

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    I have successfully softmodded my Wii U to allow me to play Wii games on it.

    I have all my wii games stored on an external USB drive - all works fine and I can play the games with no issues.

    However, when I switch the console on or switch back to Wii U mode, the Wii U always displays the following message:-

    You have connected a USB Storage device that has not been setup for use with this console. Do you want to format the device so that it can be used with this console?'

    Is there anyway that I can stop this message from appearing? I only ask because I'm worried that someone may start the console and they 'accidentally' click on 'format'

    Thanks in advance
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    Note that using UStealth will make the drive stealth for the computer too!!
    you need to unstealth it, don't format it, to access the partitions and files on it when connecting to computer, or when using with a program/homebrew not compatible with ustealth mode.