Anyway for me to not have to go through the scariness of updating in GW mode everytime I turn on?

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    So I've done this twice for 2 different memory cards and even though you know it's in GW mode is there anyway I don't have to repeat this? Because I need to transfer my game saves from my 2GB SD to my 4GB SD and I know I'll have to restart after removing my SD card...
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    Which card exactly are you upgrading? And what do you mean by "updating in GW mode every time I turn on"?

    If you're upgrading the Gateway's microSD card, there is nothing to do. Just load your .3ds/.3dz files onto your new microSD card, pop it into the Gateway, and you're done. exFAT is the preferred filesystem for this card, since it supports larger files.

    If you're upgrading the system's SD card, these are the steps I'd recommend:
    - Use the EmuNand Tool to back up the emuNand on your old card.
    - Format the new card for FAT32
    - Put the Launcher.dat onto the card
    - Put the card into the 3DS
    - Enter the Gateway menu and select "Setup Emunand", let it format the card and everything
    - Shut down the 3DS and take the new card out
    - Use the EmuNand Tool to inject your backed up emuNand onto the new card
    - Copy all files from the old card's FAT32 partition to the new card's FAT32 partiton
    - Put the new card into the 3DS
    And you're done. You could use disk imaging software to clone the old card onto the new card, but then you'd have to deal with resizing the partitions. Either way, your emuNand will be moved over, including its unique ID, and all the files will be present, so you'll retain all your saves and setup and everything, just have more space.

    I hope this helps clear up at least some questions.
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