anyone want to play mario kart ds online again? well this discord is for you

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    yes as many will recall its possible to play online for nds games. whats better to know is those with a 3ds and cfw, can now play online without needing a patched rom or action replay using nitrohax. Of course issue is that you need to have no security or use wep. So if I were you, Disable ssid brodcasting (if like In a city) so that way no one can acess your wifi without your ssid. and disable you security, for those in less crowd places with less shady people, just disable it. ONLY DISABLE IT WHEN PLAYING! I recommend you put it back on right away when done. follow this guide to get the files needed to generate cheat code to bypass wifi
    this guide for nitrohax. (only 3ds sorry!)
    and for discord is the link. hope we can get this game popular again and see you there!

    EDIT: one last link, for those who want to cfw their 3ds. follow this guide. (please be careful this is some powerful stuff)
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