Anyone up for multiplayer Mario 64 (requires DS)?

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    Jan 10, 2011
    I rewrote my own Win2DS application for several reasons, to streamline the experience (key mappings are configured on the PC side of things so you don't have to mess around with that on your DS), to get it to compile on the latest devkitARM, and libnds, to be able to take out the screenshot code so that it'd be small enough to flash as the firmware of one of my DSes (but that's a tale for another time), and to add in multiplayer support.

    Inspired by Play Pokemon through Twitch, I decided to start up my own online multiplayer game.

    I'm going to be playing this ROM hack:

    And now is your chance to join me and play as Luigi wirelessly with your DS as the controller, and your PC on Skype Screen share as the screen.

    I will stream the event on Twitch.

    Obviously we can't have multiple people playing as Luigi at the same time, so just reply here or PM me if you want to try it. I'll be online most of today.