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    Apr 2, 2013
    hey guys, i have a n3ds xl i love the thing but i never liked either of the pads, c-stick i already have replaced a year ago with a psp cover and it was very easy to do so and it snugged fit quite easily too and my n3dsxl closes very fine with it on.

    now about my circle pad, it is not in bad condition or anything i just cant stand how darn slippery it is there is literally no grip to it so id love to replace that too.

    is it easy to just kind of use some screwdriver to dig in it and pull it out and then maybe glue one of my 3ds circle covers i own (have some from cybergrip brand), i have one that is shaped like the gamecube controller one and is my fav and very grippy.

    the thing is when i use those covers ontop of the circle pad the n3dsxl does not close all the way and it is bad for the screen if i kept it on for good and also they tend to fall off..

    so id love to just rip off the oem circle pad and glue/stick the gamecube shaped cover i have onto it , is it safe and doable to do so ?

    let me know, thx!
  2. TurdPooCharger


    Jan 1, 2018
    United States
    What you're suggesting is possible but messy. Pick your poison.
    If you go this route retrofitting your adapter cover cap and ripping off the circle pad's rubber skin, you might not be able to get a tight fit laying it on the thumb base due to the changed shape (because of the removed skin piece). Another thing to worry about is if clamming the 3DS shut still has the pad touching the top screen panel. You won't know until you try a dry test fit.

    I don't consider this mod safe from two standpoints.
    1. When prying the rubber off the circle pad, you have to use some sort of thin flathead to pick at it. If you're not careful, you can unintentionally stab or scratch the screens or case.
    2. To attach the replacement rubber piece onto the base, there's the risk of excess glue dripping all over the circle pad area. You can reduce some of this risk by masking everything around that circle pad with masking tape or single sheet wax paper tacked on with removable gummy glue. If you screw up on this, you'll blemish the casing with smear marks or worst, glue your circle pad shut.
    Another problem is the mod is a one way street. If you mess up modifying the circle pad that's in place, you'll have to take apart the 3DS anyhow to replace it.


    Buy a replacement circle pad and do the rubber skin swap mod without putting your 3DS at risk. If it turns out good, switch it out by disassembling your 3DS.
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