Anyone still have the Breath of Fire 1 SNES Color Restoration hack (from Asaki)?

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    Thought i'd ask this here. Quite some years ago there were some hacks for some GBA ports of SNES games that sought to restore the colors of the SNES originals (the palettes in most GBA ports of SNES games were almost universally brightened by a massive amount and makes them look rather bad on a backlit display, so these hacks were made to bring them back to their original form). Among these include Mario World, Mario Bros 2, Breath of Fire, Breath of Fire 2, Final Fantasy 6 and perhaps some others i'm forgetting.

    Most of these hacks can still be found online, but the Breath of Fire 1 color patch is missing and I can't find it anywhere. I lost the download years ago in a hard drive crash and all the links online for it are dead. It was made by a guy called Asaki (who hasn't been anywhere to be found online in years). Again his site and all original links are dead. Most of these color hacks were salvaged, but the one for Breath of Fire 1 still remains lost. I'm making this topic to see if anyone still has a copy of the patch. If you only have a prepatched rom with it and don't want to post it online, I can probably tell you how to reverse the process to create a patch file that is safe to upload here (I was able to do it with another lost color hack).

    Here's the original topic-

    And original post where the old link for BoF1 could be found-
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    I rooted around on the Wayback Machine, which usually yields results, but I couldn't find anything. If anyone finds it I'd implore them to upload it to Filetrip for posterity.

    granville if you could upload the ones you do have onto FileTrip that'd also be great.
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    Sorry for being late, but I just now found this thread and uploaded the Breath of Fire color restoration patch without an account, so it may not be there after 30 days. Someone with a filetrip account, please reupload it. Thanks.|
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    I have uploaded that file onto my Filetrip account.
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    Hello guys,
    Sorry to revive that old post, but I was wondering if their was a way to make this patch work with the European version of the game and with breath of fire 2?
    Thanks :)