Anyone knowledgeable about Sega CD BIN (MIDI) music format in Rise of the Dragon?

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    Hey there,

    This is a post about the BIN music format in the SEGA CD game Rise of the Dragon. It almost certainly hides MIDI files or a similar format, but because it's SEGA CD, and because it wasn't a huge game, there is no information about the game's formats. The main SCD forums have a ridiculous 50 post criteria so I haven't posted there, not sure where else to post to ask.

    - Spike
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    It doesn't contain midi files, because if you load the disc in a cd player you can play the music.
    Most likely is that the midi files are converted to .cda at the developer.
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    Do you mean the bin/cue files or a bin file inside the iso/game data?

    The MCD/SCD can handle three types of audio:
    1) Audio CD
    2) PCM Samples (think Tracker or SNES)
    3) Gen/MD audio (FM + PSG)


    If I'm looking at the right thing (the bin/cue format), I think they're just audio CD tracks so it should be convertible and it's not MCD/SCD/Gen specific so a generic bin/cue audio converter should work. Just be careful of 'track 1', the data track.
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    No guys, I am not talking about a BIN/CUE, a different format entirely. :)

    There are a couple CD audio tracks, but only a few, all introduction pieces. The rest of the game's audio is in a small BIN format, most under 50KB. About 58-60 tracks, most in the format RD01_MUS.BIN. One is attached to this post.

    From tech3475's post, I'm thinking it is some similar to MIDI format, some tracker format. I noticed in Willy Beamish the files on CD are literally MIDI files though, which makes me wonder if this 'BIN' is simply a MIDI file in disguise, or whether it is converted to some PCM format. The ROTD music sounds a lot like PCM samples on the SEGA CD, so it could be MIDI or a proprietary format, but almost certainly playing PCM samples.
    See for example:

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