anyone know of a gba sp flashcard to watch movies

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    Feb 14, 2012
    hi all i have a r4 for my nds original and have just found upon my old gba sp,iv always liked the idea of having the gba with me for watching movies in the car and such,i found the supercard lite online but i think it maybee just for the question is if i bought one of the supercard lite would it work in the gba sp as i said all i want to do with it is just watch movies if this idea wont work is there a flashcard that is for the gba or another way around this.
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    Nov 13, 2010
    Probably no.
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    Top answer.
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    Feb 14, 2012
    would a slot 2 nds device not work in a gba sp then?
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    If by DS slot device you mean something like a 3 in 1 then it should do (assuming it is not a rumble/ram only affair) but it will be a pain to flash as it will have to go back to the DS every time. Equally you are limited to either the GBA videos or meteo which means clips of maybe 5 minutes if you are lucky (some people pushed this a bit with cartoons but not by a lot).

    On the same note the supercard lite should work in the GBA but you might have to mod the case (I have been using casemodded EZ4 lites of various forms in my GBA and original DS for years now). Equally the GBA capabilities of the GBA slot supercards were terrible so we do not recommend one for GBA usage and as they are not much good for DS usage these days there is little point in getting one.
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    First off, the Supercard Lite wouldn't physically fit into a GBA SP without breaking the tab and finding a way to pull it out properly.

    Anyway, for something that can play movies off of an external device, your choices are: GBA Movie Player v2 (using a CF card), I think the M3 Perfect could also do this since it's from the same company but I'm not sure, and a GBA-compatible slot-2 Supercard using a hacked version of the GBAMP video player software. You'd use converter software to convert your video into .gbm files, run the device (and run filmplay.gba if on a Supercard), and choose the movie to watch. Quality is pretty bad, but at least there's no maximum video length as far as I know.

    The only other alternative is Meteo with any slot-2 device, but you're limited to 32 MB, which gets you anywhere between 5 minutes of good quality video and 25 minutes of 6-fps bad-quality video.

    Really, watching videos on the GBA in general is pretty bad, and I wouldn't suggest spending too much money to try to do it. A DS Lite with Moonshell is much more capable.
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    It looks like this for reference:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    You are limited to a TYPE II CF, that is roughly limited to 4GB CF max, anything higher and the thing doesn't doesn't support reading it. Videos are also limited to 128MB or 256MB segment sizes, depending on encoder settings.