Anyone know if you can edit a psp game backup?

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  1. zach12_2

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    Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions doesn't have any background music on its launch screen.
    This slightly annoys me.

    Is there any program that'd allow me to place a music file into the iso? I have the ability to make .at3 files. I just don't know of a utility that has the capabilities I'm looking for. (Placing said at3 file into the FFT iso.)

    Thanks for any guidance you can offer! [​IMG]

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    Maybe UMD Gen 4.
    it's (it was) used to extract and replace files from the iso when the games needed manual decryption.
  3. zach12_2

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    Aug 29, 2011
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    Thanks for the lead it has been very helpful. I've been perusing it for about ten minutes now. I'm sure where the info for the launch screen is stored. I compared FFT to Dissidia (FFT lacks music where dissidia does not.) I found that there is an at3 file present at the highest level of the iso in Dissida but not one in FFT. I was able to move my .at3 file into the FFT iso, but am unsure as how to reference that music file on the launch screen..?

    Anyone know what I need to do to get this file to play on the launch screen? I think I probably need to edit the eboot.bin, but I may be wrong. I'm quite new to hacking psp software.

    Thanks again!
  4. prowler

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    Did you rip this ISO yourself or download it?

    If it's downloaded, it's obviously been ripped so you're better off looking for an untouched one so you don't get anymore problems down the line (unless it originally didn't have music at the title screen)
  5. zach12_2

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    Aug 29, 2011
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    I ripped it myself. The game doesn't have music by default if I remember correctly. (A weird decision, in my opinion.)

    EDIT: I just double checked for certainty. Yeah, no music even when running form UMD.

    I also should clarify, my prior words were a bit ambiguous. By title screen, I mean when you go to select the game on the XMB. A photo will come up over the background and for many games (FFT not being one of them.) music from the game will play. My goal is to give my FFT Iso a music file that will play on the XMB while it is selected.
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    I don't think that's possible... You'd have to add a file, and create new points in the code of the game to reference to that file to be played when in the XMB.
  7. Ris312

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    Mar 5, 2011
    If there is a SND0.at3 file in PSP_GAME folder of the ISO it should automatically play in the XMB.
    (there should be icon0.png + pic1.png files in the same folder)

    Use UMDGEN v4.0, open your ISO then open the PSP_GAME folder.
    right click in the right side window and choose File > add and find your SND0.at3 file.
    Once its added, choose File -> Save as -> uncompressed ISO.
    Give your new ISO a filename then click OK and wait for ISO to be rebuilt then copy it to your memory stick.

    If you don't like the background sounds in the XMB, just delete the SND0.at3 file from your ISO using umdgen.

    The format you need to save it in is "ATRAC3 66kbps STEREO"
    you can do this using "Goldwave" and the "ATRAC3 Codec"
    Not sure if there is a length limit, but try to keep it under say 30 seconds.

    If you are having problems getting it to play, try using an SND0.at3 from another game to see if you are adding the file it correctly.
  8. zach12_2

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    Aug 29, 2011
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    Thanks to all of you for you help!
    I did as Ris312 suggested and I have new info to report.
    I was able to copy the music from dissidia and get it to play as on the start screen of Final Fantasy Tactics.
    However, when I take an at3 file that I have previously used on a custom ps1 eboot (So I know it works properly.) I get no audio on the FFT launch screen. The custom file that I tried to use had a length of under 1 minute and size under 500 kb.

    Can anyone think of why this custom file wouldn't work? The custom file isn't made to loop like the dissidia theme is. Perhaps that's the problem. I'm not sure. (Kinda grasping at straws. [​IMG])
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    While im here, it look like zachs questions were answered. Can i hijack this thread and ask, "is it possible to edit ISO launch screen elements?" other than music, can i edit the big background pic, the icon, and/ or other things?
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