Anyone know if there are full body clear skins available for the New 3DS XL?

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    I currently have a 3DS XL (the ALBW limited edition). I have a clear full body skin on it that is made by Skinomi. It's a pretty great skin but I will be getting a new 3DS XL (MM edition) soon. I can't seem to find any full body clear skins made specifically for the new 3DS XL. Since the new 3DS has new button and slot layouts, current XL skins wouldn't fit entirely correctly.

    This is the skin I currently am using with my current 3DS XL:Ā®-Tech...422915053&sr=8-5&keywords=skinomi+3ds+xl+skin

    So far, this skin has kept my 3DS XL looking like new (no scratches, scuffs, etc). Anyone know where I can find a full body clear skin like the one above made specifically to fit the New 3DS XL? Thanks in advance! :)