Anyone have experience with the new Pink and Black

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  1. hamsterhead

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    Sep 28, 2006
    I have both a pink and black DS lite that I'd like to get working with our EZflash IV lites. A friend of mine tried to do flashme on them, but he was having problems (he feels his Superpass II isn't compatible with our DSes -- we do know it's compatible with the older model DS lites using EZflash IV lites). So, my question is, has anyone successfully either used Flashme on these new US released colors or even used a passthrough device that you know to be compatible with both these models and the EZflash IV lites.

    Any help would be appreciated
  2. romeoondaline

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    Aug 16, 2006
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    U know where
    Maybe Thats y they came out with the other color, cuz they updated it with a new firmware or sumthin i mean y not just come all of the colors at the same time ( i woulda got black)
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    Mar 18, 2006
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    Go to pictochat, and take out a retail ds cart and see what color the screen turns. If its purple/hot pink, or magneta, then it's compatable. The pink may have newer firmware, like orange or something.

    Also, like my passkey II, I was getting fed up because it wasn't working, then I figured out, and I forgot that, you have to not only put the game in SRAM, I had to reprogram my Passkey II for Super Princess Peach to work.

    Best of Luck,

  4. monkeymachine

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    Sep 10, 2006
    My 1-week old Australian black DS lite has flashed ok with a Max Media and Supercard SD.

    Before flashing, the pictochat trick gave me magenta -> v5

    If the passkey can boot your flashcart, that should be enough to flash it. However there's an extra thing to do for EZ Flash III carts, not sure if that applies to your IV cart too.