Anyone have a legit celebi?

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    Feb 19, 2007
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    Anyone have a legit/cloned legit Celebi? If so, can they please trade it to me?

    What I have:

    Jirachi (Hacked! Not originally mine btw)
    Jirachi (Legit)
    Moltress (Possibly Legit)*
    Articuno (Possibly Legit)*
    All starters except for G/S/C starters (Legit)
    Raquaza (Legit and untouched)
    Deoxys (Cloned and untouched)

    * I got these in trades but they were touched by their originaly trainers. They could possibly be legits since I haven't found anything hacked on them yet and also, they look like they could be legits.

    I can even give all of the above (Except for starters since the trade limit is 6) if anyone wants.

    My Pokemon Diamond info:

    Name: Peter
    F/C: 3265 1636 2902

    EDIT: Updated my list. I now have a legit Jirachi (OT even says Wishmkr).

    EDIT: Nevermind, I got a legit Celebi. Topic can now be closed or whatever.