Anyone has some free time left to help finish "The Prophecy?&quot

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    Oct 10, 2009
    - finalize cutscenes
    - finalize bosses
    - fix some bugs
    - tweak some effects

    some of you might already know what I am talking about, for those of you who don't here is a small rundown:
    The Prophecy is a Castlevania-esque game that is developed by me and Daid. It features six stages and is pretty far ahead in development.
    Unfortunately, Daid is out of free time at the moment, and the game doesnt get much coding love lately.
    And this is where you come in.
    If you have coding experience and want to help us finish the game, please be so kind and drop me a line. gameplay is setup and all levels are done, so the bulk of the work is already completed. We are mostly missing cutscenes and boss battles. the rest are tweaks and bugfixes.

    the release schedule would be that we release the third and final demo ASAP and then finish the game up for the beta release. after that, its a cakewalk, because the beta is the final game. we then wait for feedback to fix a few quircks and bugs and then the game is done.

    as i have already stated. the bulk of the game is done. all stages are mapped and all graphics are more or less done. some low rez graphics need updating but that is nothing you need to worry about.
    i ahve documented everything we need to know and i hope daid did the same on the coding end (i cant code a bit)

    so long story short: i would need a codier to finish the game with me^^